Relation Between Growth & Development

Growth and Development – Relation and Differences.

Relation and differences between Growth & Development.

Relation Between Growth & Development

Relation between Growth & Development.

Growth and Development are two important processes that change human behavior. Many people use these two processes in the same meaning. But, the meanings of these two processes are not same. Significantly, they are different in natures. Although they are interrelated and interdependent.

Both of these processes play an important role in the development of person’s personality. The role of one of the two cannot  describe separately. Growth specifically indicates quantitative change. On the other hand, Development specifically signifies qualitative change. The process of these two changes cannot separate from each other. Because, qualitative change cannot  realize without quantitative change. Again, quantitative change cannot  realize without qualitative change. So these two processes are interrelated and interdependent on each other.

Difference between growth and development

Differences between Growth & Development.

1) The process “Growth” refers to physical change in size, volume and weight. But, Development refers to changes in shape, form or structure resulting in improved working or in functioning.

2) The growth is not a lifelong process. it stopes after a certain age. But, Development is a lifelong process. It starts with the creation of life in the mother’s womb and ends with death of life.

3) The growth is a measurable process. But, Developmental changes are difficult to measure directly.

4) The growth represents quantitative changes. But, Development indicates the change in the quality as well as in the quantity.

5) The growth stops when maturity has been attended. But, The Development continues throughout life.

6) We use the term “Growth”  in purely physical sense. But, Development is the sum total of physical change, mental change, social change, emotional change etc.

7) Growth is external in nature. But, The development is internal in nature.

So, from the above discussion, we can easily get to know about the relation and difference between Growth and Development.

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