Why should a teacher study Growth and Development?

Why should a teacher study Growth and Development?

Why should a teacher study about Growth and Development ?

A teacher should study Growth and Development because a teacher has to deal with children of different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds who have a wide variety of individual difference among themselves at different age-levels. The teacher as an agent of the society is responsible to bring desirable changes in the behavior of children so that they may shoulder responsibilities of a good citizen to accelerate the process of national development. The other reason to study development is its continuity from the past to the present and present can be understood in term of its past history.
Teacher must know potentialities and capacities of each and every child of his class so that he may exploit them to the maximum for the benefit of the individual and the society.
Teacher must know the basic principle of growth and development and its characteristic which emerge at different age-levels in various developmental dimensions to provide effective guidance for harmonious development of child.

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