Emotion and its definition.

Introduction –
Emotion is a complex topic in psychology. One of the determinants of human behavior is his emotion. A complete discussion of human behavior is not possible without discussing about it.
It is that special inner feeling of the human mind that creates a special kind of reaction in the mind with the present of a particular object.
Our knowledge about the world is through observation. We do not gain only materialistic knowledge or experience with any object observation. At the same time, a special inner sincere situation is created. This special inner sincere situation of the person is called feeling.
Emotion is also a sincere situation like feeling, which make person or people physically and mentally uneasy and its manifestation is through bodily organs.
So when we see a loved one we recognize him and embrace him with joy. Or, when we see an enemy we recognize him and react against him in anger.
Here the recognition of a loved one or an enemy means to gain knowledge or experience about the object as soon as it is seen.
Also, after seeing a loved one or an enemy, feeling happy or angry, it creates a uneasy state in the body and mind. As a result, I embrace loved ones or react negatively to enemies.
So, “Emotion” is a uneasy state of mind, which is manifest through body organs. The word ’emotion’ comes from the Latin word ‘imovere’. It means to be angry or agitated. According to modern psychologists, it increases the working power of people.

Definition of “Emotion” –
In the context of the above discussion, as the definition of Emotion can be briefly said – “Emotion” is the spontaneous manifestation of the state of mind which makes the individual physically and mentally uneasy.

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