Different types of Development

Linguistic Stages of Development

Linguistic Stages of Development

Linguistic Stages of Development – According to Wood, there are six consecutive linguistic stages of development. They are… 1) Stage-I, The Prelinguistic Stage 2) Stage-ii, The holophrase or  one word sentence Stage 3) Stage-iii, The two word sentence stage 4) Stage-iv, Multiple word sentence Stage 5) Stage-v, More complex grammatical structure stage 6) Stage-vi, Adult like …

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Communication and Speech Development

Communication and Speech Development

Communication and Speech Development – One of main components of human civilization is Language. Language is a means of communication. After birth, in every human being it starts to develop. Language development is one of important aspects of human development. Sometimes language development is called as communication and speech development. Communication and speech development or Language …

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Paralinguistic may be define as paralanguage. This is a component of meta-communication or beyond communication that may modify or nuance the meaning of our spoken word or convey emotion, intonation and etc. It is the non-lexical component of communication of speech. For example- intonation, pitch and speed of speaking, hesitation, noises, gesture, posture and facial …

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Self Concept


Self-Concept is a collection of beliefs about oneself. Usually the self-concept answers “Who am I ? It is the image that we have of ourselves.” It’s a mental image of who I am as a person. Beliefs such as “I’m a good boy”, or “I’m a good friend” or “I’m a kind person” are part …

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Pro-Social Development

Pro-Social Development

Pro-Social Development refers to the development of pro-social behavior. Pro-Social behavior is a self motivated social behavior that benefits other people or society as a whole, such as helping others, sharing, donating, co-operating, obeying rules, conforming to socially accepted behaviors etc. These actions are motivated by empathy as well as by altruism which are concerned …

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Moral Development

Moral Development

Moral development is the development of a person’s “Sense of Justice”. According to psychologist Lawrence Kohlberg, every person has three levels of moral development. Each level again has two stages. The three levels of Kohlberg’s moral development and their stages are as follows: Level-1, Pre-Moral or, Pre-Conventional Morality (Age-04 to 10 years) Stage-1 – The …

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Psychosocial Development

Psychosocial Development

Psychosocial development is the mental development of a person along with his social development which is organized within the individual as a result of interaction with the social environment. Psychologist Eric Erickson is the proponent of the theory of psychosocial development. Erickson spoke the importance of the social environment, in the development of the individual. …

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Psychosexual Development and its theory.

Psychosexual Development

One of the most important theories of human life development is the theory of psychosexual development by Viennese physician Sigmund Freud. According to Sigmund Freud, psychosexual development refers to the combined development of the human mind and sexuality. Here he linked human’s mental development to sexual development and introduced the theory of psychosexual development. He …

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Cognitive development

Cognitive Development

Cognitive Development is a field of study in neuroscience and psychology, which focusing on the development of the child in terms of information processing, conceptual resources, perceptual skill, language learning and other aspects of brain development. In other words, cognitive development is the development of the ability to think and the ability to understand. It …

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