Development of Personality

projective techniques

Projective Techniques

Projective Techniques – Personality Assessment Method: Personality measurement techniques like Observation Techniques, Situation Tests, Autobiography, Questionnaire, Personality Inventory, Interview, Biographies, Case History, Rating Scales and Sociometric Techniques are mainly used to evaluate overt of conscious behavior of an individual. But covert or unconscious behavior is more significant than overt behaviors for personality measurement of an …

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Personality Assessment Method - Self Report

Personality Assessment Method – Self Report

Personality Assessment Method – Self Report:- Self-report is a process of personality measurement where the individual is requested to speak about himself. Under this process of personality measurement, some personality measurement techniques are – Questionnaire, Personality inventory, Interview etc. 1)  Questionnaire: One of best Personality Assessment Method under Self Report is Questionnaire. Generally, the word …

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measurement of personality

Measurement of Personality

Measurement of Personality:- After many research it is known that no child is born with zero personality. Every child is born with some degrees of personality. But how can I measure this personality? There are many methods or processes or techniques used to measure personality. The commonly used measurement techniques may be classified as follows— …

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Characteristics of personality

Characteristics of Personality

Characteristics of Personality: From various experimental studies and observations, it is seen that personality has the following characteristics: 1) Unique & Specific: Personality is something unique and specific. Every individual is a unique person. They have specific characteristics for making adjustments. 2) Self-Consciousness: One of main characteristics of Personality is Self consciousness. 3) Behavior Patterns: …

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types of personality

Types of Personality

Types of personality:- Human personality can be classified into a few clearly defined types. Each person depending upon his behavioral characteristics, somatic structure, blood types and fluids in the body or personality traits can be described as a certain types. A) According to physician of ancient India : According to physician of ancient India, all …

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Definition of Personality

Definition of Personality:- The term “Personality” has come from the Latin word “Persona”, which is used to make understand the masks that actors wore during acting in theater. There are many definitions of Personality given by many psychologists. The most important psychologists of them are — 1) Allport (1948) 2) Cattell (1970) 3) Eysenck (1971) …

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