Human Growth and its characteristics.

Growth and its characteristics in psychology

Growth and its characteristics.

What is Growth ?

Growth means an expansion in physical size, volume and weight. It is one of changing processes in human life. It represents quantitative changes such as height, weight, blood pressure etc. This change occurs among every living being. It is not a life long process. Generally it continues till the age of 18 to 21 years of life. After that it stops.

According to Hurlock (1959) :

Growth is change in size in proportion, disappearance of old features and acquisition of new one.

According to Crow and Crow (1962) :

Growth refers to structural and physical changes.

What are the general characteristics of Growth?

As one of changing processes Growth has some characteristics. The main characteristics of growth are as follows—

  1. Growth is a sign of life. The term growth is utilized in absolutely physical scene. It generally refers to an increase in size, length, height and weight. Changes in the quantitative regard come into the space of growth.
  2. Growth is one of the parts of the developmental process. In the exacting scene of development in its quantitative viewpoints is named as growth.
  3. Growth might be alluded to portray the progressions which happen specifically in parts of the body and conduct of a living being.
  4. Growth does not continue throughout the life. It stops when maturity has been completed.
  5. The changes delivered by growth are subjects of estimations. They may be quantified and observable in nature.
  6. Growth may or may not bring development. A youngster may grow (as far as weight) by getting fat yet this growth may not bring any practical improvement (Qualitative change or Development).
  7. Growth rates vary during different stages of growth and development.
  8. The growth rate is rapid during the prenatal, neonatal, infancy and adolescent stages and slows during childhood.
  9. Physical growth is minimal during adulthood.
  10. It is external in nature.

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