Development and its characteristics.

Development and its characteristics.

What is Development ?

Development is an important process of changing in human life. This is a continuous process. It is a lifelong process. It means, the development process starts at from birth and continues until death. Development is a process that improves a person’s overall work process as he changes shape and size. As a result, the person becomes much more capable and active in his work. It causes an overall quantitative and qualitative change in a person’s life. Development specifies maturation of function.

There are so many different type definition about development, according to different psychologist. Some of them are as follows…

According to Hurlock (1959)

Development means progressive series of changes that occur in an orderly predictable pattern as result of maturation and experience.

According to J.E Anderson (1950)

Development concerned with growth as well as those changes in behavior which result from environmental situation.

According to Liebart, Poulos and Marmor (1979)

Development refers to a process of change in growth and capability over time, as function of both maturation and interaction with the environment.

What are the general characteristics of Development ?

Development has some characteristics. They are as follows–

1) Development is the improvement of a person’s overall physical shape, size and weight as well as the improvement of work capacity.

2) This is a continuous process.

3) It is a lifelong process. It means; it begins with the creation of life in the mother’s womb and ends with death of life.

4) Development is simultaneously quantitative change and qualitative change.

5) The trend of development is always consistent. It means; the development of human behavior follows certain rules. Which behavior will be followed by which behavior is fairly pre-determined. For example – children will be able to sit up first, then crawl, then walk and finally run.

6) Development is always happening in individual as a result of the interaction between heredity and environment of individual.

7) Development is always organized in a certain order. In this case development process follows two special rules. The two rules are – 1) The law of Cephalocaudal Tendency, and 2) The law of Proximodistal Tendency. In the case of the Cephalocaudal Tendency, it is seen that the development in the child or in the person first starts from his head and gradually progresses towards his ankles. In the case of the Proximodistal Tendencies, it is seen that the development in the child or in the person starts from the center of the body and gradually moves towards the outside of the body.

8) Development is a process of internal change. Due to this reason, development cannot be measured directly from the outside.

9) Development is the process of increasing the physical capacity and working skill of man.

10) Development is a psychological change.

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