Traits of Personality

Traits of Personality in Psychology

Traits of Personality in Psychology:

Traits are defined as relatively permanent and relatively consistent general behavior patterns that an individual exhibit in most situation.

These patterns are said to be the basic units of one personality that can be discovered through observing one’s behavior in a variety of situations. If a person behaves honesty in several situations, his behavior may be generalized and labeled as Honest and Honesty is then said to be a behavioral trait of his personality.

Characteristics of Personality Traits

Characteristics of Personality Traits in Psychology:

1) Personality traits are one type of psycho – physical disposition.

2) In terms of whole personality of a person, function of personality traits is to make significant any kinds of behavior of person.

3) Personality traits help to maintain person’s uniqueness.

4) Personality traits are gained.

5) Personality traits are the basic unit of one’s personality.

6) Personality traits have bipolar characteristics.

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