Personality Assessment Method - Self Report

Personality Assessment Method – Self Report

Personality Assessment Method – Self Report:-

Self-report is a process of personality measurement where the individual is requested to speak about himself. Under this process of personality measurement, some personality measurement techniques are – Questionnaire, Personality inventory, Interview etc.

1)  Questionnaire:

One of best Personality Assessment Method under Self Report is Questionnaire. Generally, the word questionnaire refers to a device for securing answers to questions by using a form which the respondent fills himself.

To collect information from the subject himself about his personality characteristics, a form consisting of a series of printed or written question is used. These questions are in the spaces provided in columns of yes, no or can’t say etc. The answer of these questions are then evaluated and used for personality assessment.

A sample questionnaire is given bellow.

Questions Yes No Can’t say
i) Do you enjoy being along?
ii) Do you enjoy seeing others succeed?
iii) Do you get along well with your relatives?

This is a most popular method which is quite useful in collecting both quantitative as well as qualitative information.

2) Personality Inventory:

Personality inventory is a self report personality measurement technique. It is a type of Questionnaire, designed to reveal the respondent’s personality traits. In it a series of questions about thoughts, interests, feelings and behaviors is asked. The aim of this work is to develop a general profile about person’s personality and lifestyle. This type of inventory can be used to give counselor or therapist a sort of snapshot of who the client is inside, how they live, What’s important to them, how they cope with life etc.

3) Interview:

One of the most important technique of personality measurement is Interview. It is a technique of eliciting information directly from the person about his personality in face-to-face contacts. It gives an opportunity for mutual exchange of ideas and information between the person and psychologists.

For this purpose, the psychologists tries to arrange a meeting with the person or persons under assessment.

The face-to-face interaction in the interview is divided into two types. The types are structured interview and unstructured interview.

Structured Interview:

A Structured Interview is a systematic and predetermined approach. Where the interviewer is definite about the personality traits or behavior. For this purpose, a list of questions is prepared. Then the interviewer tries to seek answers to these pre-planned questions. On the basis of the answers of these questions interviewer tries to evaluate the total personality of the person or persons.

Unstructured Interview:

An Unstructured Interview is an open interrogation. Where the interviewer can ask the interviewee any question on any subject relevant to the situation. The interviewer is not restricted here to a particular set of predetermined questions. But he is free to drift along the paths opened by the interviewee to explore any issue that may arise and to clarify the doughts that may emerge in the board assessment of this personality.

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