measurement of personality

Measurement of Personality

Measurement of Personality:-

After many research it is known that no child is born with zero personality. Every child is born with some degrees of personality. But how can I measure this personality?

There are many methods or processes or techniques used to measure personality. The commonly used measurement techniques may be classified as follows—

1) Observation techniques and situation tests.

(Here an individual’s behavior in actual life situations can be observed.)

2) Autobiography and Self-report using Questionnaire, personality inventory & interview techniques.

(Where the individual is requested to speak about himself.)

3) Biography, Case history, Rating scales and Sociometric techniques.

(Where other people’s opinions about the individual whose personality is under measurement.)

4) Projective technique. (The Rorschach Inkblot test, TAT or Thematic Apperception Test, CAT or children’s Apperception Test, Word Association test.)

(Where assessing the individual’s reaction to imaginary situations.)

5) Indirect techniques.

(Where personality is measured by the use of machines or technical devices.)

Here we shall discuss about the self-report and Projective techniques as measurement techniques of personality.


Projective techniques

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