Individual Differences

Individual Differences

Individual Differences –

According to sociologists and psychologists, the difference between human beings is called Individual difference.

Carter B. Good (1959), in his Dictionary of Education, says that the differences between individuals in the context of one or more characteristics are called Individual differences.

Or, Individual differences refer to the sum of the differences that make one person different from another. So, in short, Individual differences mean some differences that help one person, to distinguish one person from another.

Types –

Individual differences can be from many aspects. Individual differences or personal differences between students or individuals are as follows:

  • Physical differences (According to physical make up)
  • Mental differences (According to thinking, reasoning, power of imagination, creative expression, concentration etc.)
  • Different in motor ability (According to reacting time, Speed of action, Steadiness, Rate of Muscular movement)
  • Differences in achievement
  • Emotional differences (According to positive emotion like love, affection; According to some negative emotion; According to manner of expression of emotion)
  • Differences in interests and aptitudes
  • Differences in beliefs and opinion
  • Learning differences
  • Differences in social and moral development etc.

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