Definition of Personality

Definition of Personality:-

The term “Personality” has come from the Latin word “Persona”, which is used to make understand the masks that actors wore during acting in theater. There are many definitions of Personality given by many psychologists. The most important psychologists of them are —

1) Allport (1948)

2) Cattell (1970)

3) Eysenck (1971)

According to Allport, Cattell and Eysenck, the definitions of Personality are as follows –

1) Allport (1948): According to Allport, “personality” is a dynamic organization of the individual’s psycho-physical systems that determine a unique adjustment with his environment.

2) Cattell (1970): According to Cattell, “personality” is that which predicts what a person will do in a given situation.

3) Eysenck (1971): According to Eysenck, “Personality” is the more or less stable and enduring organization of a person’s character, temperament, intellect and physique; which determine his unique adjustment to the environment.

Thus, from the above mentioned definitions of personality given by psychologists we can know about the concept and definition of personality.

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