Child Rearing Practices and Family

Child Rearing Practices and Family

Child Rearing Practices and Family:-

Family is a social organization which develops individual differences among children in various ways. Families in our society play very important role in shaping the personality of individuals in a particular manner. Families develop children’s personal likes and dislike, emotional reaction, moral standards, value systems and so on. The treatment to the child at home during early years has make lasting influence on his personal and social development. Home differs in many ways that are number of children, sex ratio in the family, parental control (Autocracy or Democracy), values and activities as well as socio economic status.

Different pattern of family setup contribute towards the personality development in individuals, which may vary from family to family and also from individual to individual in the same family.

The warmth and close ties within the family perhaps the most important factors in promoting good personal and social adjustment. On the other hand from unhappy families children’s behavior, anxiety level, tension, personal and social adjustment differ from the children of happy families.

Thus we find individual differences among children which mostly effected by child rearing practices and family in the environment of the families.

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