Characteristics of personality

Characteristics of Personality

Characteristics of Personality:

From various experimental studies and observations, it is seen that personality has the following characteristics:

1) Unique & Specific:

Personality is something unique and specific. Every individual is a unique person. They have specific characteristics for making adjustments.

2) Self-Consciousness:

One of main characteristics of Personality is Self consciousness.

3) Behavior Patterns:

Personality includes everything about a person. It includes all the behaviors patterns, i.e. conative, cognitive and affective. It covers all the conscious, semiconscious and unconscious activities.

4) Organization of Psychophysical System:

Personality is not only a collection of so many traits or characteristics. It is also an organization of psychophysical systems or some behavioral characteristics as well as functions as a unified whole.

5) Dynamic and Continuous:

Personality is not static. In the process of change and modification, it is a dynamic and continuous process.

6) Subjected to Disorganization:

Personality is sometimes subjected to disorganization and disintegration on account of some condition of personality disorder like anxiety, stress, prolonged illness, infections and damage brain & nervous system.

7) Product of Heredity and Environment:

Every personality is the product of the interaction between heredity and environment. Both of these contribute significantly towards the development of the child’s personality.

8) Learning and Acquisition of experiences:

Every personality is the end product of the process of learning and acquisition of experiences. Growth and development of personality depends on learning and acquisition of experiences.

9) Measurement of Personality:

Personality is a measurable factor. That is, every person’s personality can be measured.

10) Psychological Concepts:

Personality and one’s character are not same. Character is an ethical concept, while personality is a psychological concept.

11) Aiming to an End:

Personality of every individual has one more distinguishing characteristic that is aiming to an end or towards some specific goals.

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