Adolescence and its aspects of development

Adolescence and its aspects of development

Adolescence and its aspects of development –

Adolescence is the most important stage in the development of human life. The period from the age of 12 to the age of 18 is usually called puberty or adolescence. During this time the body and mind of boys and girls change so much that they cannot always adapt to it properly. This time they get helpless. For this reason, some have described this stage or period of human development as a period of storms or periods of anxiety and conflict.

The developmental features which are seen in boys and girls at this stage are –

I) Physical development:

The most important change that occurs in boys and girls at this age in terms of physical development is the development of the sexual organs. In the case of girls, the ability to produce menstruation develops between the ages of 12-13 years. The ability to produce semen in boys also develops between the ages of 13-14. During this time the sexual senses of boys and girls are fulfilled. Various secondary sexual characteristics begin to emerge in the body. For example, at this stage, sexual hair grows in the case of boys and girls. Girls’ breasts are enlarged. During this time the sex glands of boys and girls begin to function regularly. As a result, baby producing ability is fully developed among the girls and boys at this age.

In addition to sexual development, the large bones and muscles of the body increases during this time. The function of the internal organs of the body also increases considerably during this time. For example, for full activation of the heart, the amount of blood circulation in different parts of the body increases. The amount of food intake increases due to complete activity of the digestive system.

Other important changes that are noticed in boys and girls during this time are – 1) Boys and girls sweat a lot during this time. 2) Acne is seen on the face. 3) The tone of the voice changes. 4) The appearance or structure of the whole face changes.

II) Mental development:

Mental development is slower than physical development at this stage. However, gradually mental development of boys and girls move on to maturation at this stage. The material experience of boys and girls of this age increases a lot. As a result, previously formed concepts expand further.

At this stage, abstract thinking abilities develop in the boys and girls. As a result they are able to conceive the abstract thinking like kindness, elusions, compassion, honesty etc.

At this stage, the power of reasoning of boys and girls becomes much higher than previous stage.

The interest of boys and girls in adolescence is much more certain and specific. Based on this, the boys and girls choose the optional subjects in the school. However, there is a difference between the content of interest of boys and girls. In the case of boys, it is seen that they are more interested in science, mathematics, history etc. On the other hand, girls are more interested in language, literature, home science, etc.

At this stage the fantasy goes away from the boys and girls. Instead of this they simply accept reality.

III) Emotional development:

In adolescence, inconsistency in the expression of emotional reactions is observed in boys and girls. At this stage, boys and girls sometimes have a lot of emotional reactions, and sometimes they don’t have any emotional reactions. Feelings of inferiority can be seen in the boys and girls at this stage.

Feelings like shame, guilt, fear, etc., take on special forms in terms of their sexual behavior and appear as obvious problems. In addition, emotional reactions such as fear, self inner conflict, aggressive attitudes, etc. are seen in adolescence. During this time, some moral sentiments developed between boys and girls centering on abstract ideas.

IV) Social development:

The social development of boys and girls in adolescence is quite diverse. Early in adolescence, boys and girls seem to be very anti-social. Because, due to sudden physical changes, boys and girls of this age face an uncomfortable mental state and try to hide themselves from others. They think, perhaps, these changes not occur among their peers. However, within a few days, the tendency of hiding them from others disappeared. Then the tendency of group formation is seen in them and they become grouped. The group which they form during this time is long lasting. At this age, boys and girls participate in various social welfare activities as group. It is often seen that boys and girls of this age perform various adventurous activities to establish themselves in the group.

At this age, among the boys and girls tend of hero worship is seen. Whom they consider as an ideal personality, they worship him like gods and support all his behavior by argument. During this time boys like to spend their time more with girls and girls like to spend their time more with boys. This is the first age where relationship of love is seen to develop between boys and girls.

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